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Thursday, January 9, 2020

VP of Growth at IMVU, Lomit Patel, Published His First Book - The Lean AI

At IMVU, Lomit Patel has proven time and time again that powerful tools like machine learning and AI can and should be harnessed to generate massive growth, and he has written a book about it.  VP of Growth at IMVU, Lomit Patel, Published His First Book - The Lean AI Titled as "Lean AI", the book is designed to guide marketers and entrepreneurs through the "hows" and the "whys" when it comes to harnessing the powers of machine learning and AI to measure and manage marketing campaigns and efforts more efficiently in the age of big data.

It also covers how people in the user acquisition and marketing industry can utilize predictive analytics to aid their product and marketing decisions and how they can help their company scale up faster than ever before.

The Lean AI also contains wide-ranging topics on various aspects of digital marketing optimization, focusing on customer acquisition and growth, where machine learning and AI could be of tremendous use.

Companies should know that manual optimization isn't the way to go anymore, especially with the advent of such powerful tools. The Lean AI aims to help entrepreneurs and marketers see and understand that; to guide them where it's necessary so that they can leverage the powers of machine learning and AI as well.

If you're interested to learn more or to buy and read the book yourself, feel free to visit the website or pre-order the book on Amazon now!