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Wed, Dec 6, 2017 Star Stable Review

Visit The Christmas Village in Star Stable

You are invited! Visit Santa and his merry little elves in the magical Christmas Village now! Can you hear the jingle bells ring-a-ling-ling all the way from Star Stable?

Well, if you do, you're not imagining things! This year, Santa has sent his magical reindeer-drawn sleighs to Jorvik to bring you and anyone who's interested to celebrate Christmas at his Christmas Village. Grabbing a ride on one of those sleighs is as easy as grabbing a Lyft but you do have to complete the pre-requisite quest where Justin Moorland gives you a brush, a bucket, and a hoof picker.

The sleighs are available in many locations, namely Moorland, The Riding Hall, Fort Pinta, The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur, Valedale, Golden Leaf Stables, Firgrove, Jarlaheim, Silverglade Village, Jorvik Stables, Silverglade Castle, New Hillcrest, and The Winery.

Aside from looking absolutely gorgeous, the Christmas Village has tons of exciting events for you to enjoy! You can put your riding skills and reflexes to the test by participating in 2 all-new races there. Snowmen and elves may sometimes appear to spice things up as well. And of course, let's not forget about the age-old Jorvegina Christmas tradition where you can trade Christmas Wishes in for amazing Christmas presents.

Before you can get any presents though, you'll first need to talk to Santa. He will then direct you to one of his elves who is standing right outside a huge ice cave near the village. After helping him find all the missing Santa's hats, you'll then be allowed into the ice cave where you can drool over the many incredibly attractive Christmas presents you can exchange your Wishes for.

"But wait, how can I earn Christmas Wishes?", you may wonder. It's very easy really, but it'll take you time to accumulate enough of them to redeem an item. You can get Wishes by completing Christmas quests, finishing races, and helping that very same elf to find the 5 missing Santa's hats that are consistently missing every day. This magical location is open for visits until Jan 10th next year, so there's still plenty of time for you to hoard a ton of Wishes to buy yourself Christmas gifts!

Although winter is not coming to Jorvik, you can still help the people feel the Christmas spirit by helping the janitor at the mall to decorate the mall for the festive season. So, be sure to drop by!