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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Spread the Love with the "Love Cards" Valentine's Day Event in Horwse!

You can get the exclusive and newest Japanese divine - Shodō! Love is in the air!

In the advent of the most romantic time of the year, Howrse has launched a "Love Cards" Valentine's Day Event featuring the newest Japanese divine, Shodō, as the main prize, with the patron of love, Je T’aime, being the not-too-shabby second prize if you're super lucky and get a Diamond Joker card.

Divine Profile: Shodō

Shodō is the latest addition to the list of Japanese divines and he is a master of the ancient art of Calligraphy. When he wakes up every day, he will grant you free Omikujis that you can choose from to win prizes. Prizes include 1x Vintage Apple or another surprise

Like all divines, Shodō is immortal and cannot be sold. You can also increase his skills using Passes.

How can you collect more cards?

Like all the cards-based events in the past, this event works in a similar manner. There are 6 ways for you to get more cards.

The free methods
1. Every first login of the day will reward you with 2 free cards
2. Take your horse out on its daily ride and you'll get a free card per day.
3. If you win a competition, you'll get another free card too! Once per day though.
4. Special events on Howrse's official Facebook page - There's one going on right now that will net you a free Joker cards pack if you're lucky!

Buying cards
1. You can buy them using Equus.
2. You can buy them using Passes.
Note: Be sure to keep an eye out for Flash sales and, possibly, special offers.

You have some cards... now what?

Scratch them to see which types of cards you have. Cards are ranked from Bronze to Diamond. You can then choose to activate the said cards so you can complete puzzles and subsequently claim gifts, or trade them (only once per day) with someone else for another card you need. Naturally, trading will cost you some Equus to do so and the cost varies depending on the card's rarity.

There are also Joker cards that work like Wild cards in UNO, allowing you to replace any missing card you need to complete a puzzle. These can be pretty rare though!

How can you get Shodō?

Everyone would love to count Shodō among their herd of divines, so how can you get it?

Simply collect all the cards and complete all the puzzles to get the Japanese divine... and of course, you'll need all the luck you can get. Good luck!