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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Shopping & Buying Linden Dollars in Second Life - New User Tutorial

Strawberry Linden's back with another informative tutorial video! Now that you've created a basic avatar that you like and learned how the controls work, it's time to further customize your avatar and even to decorate your home with the many items that you can buy from the Second Life marketplace.

However, before you can do so, you'll need some Linden dollars, the virtual currency used in Second Life. Linden dollars are sold in USD and you can adjust exactly how much Linden dollars you buy by simply adjusting the amount (in USD) you pay. Of course, it also depends on how many dollars you think you'd need to purchase everything you'll need to create your ideal and completely unique avatar as well as setting up a respectable home for friends to visit. You can choose to pay for your Linden dollar purchase using a credit card or Paypal.

Got some Linden dollars in your wallet? Well, you are now ready to check out the Second Life marketplace. In the video, Strawberry Linden suggests starting with shapes and body meshes since those are the two main things that'll allow you to create an avatar that's uniquely you. Note that the items you buy often come with a list of permissions and it is important to know what you can do with your purchase. Some items provide you with the permissions to modify, for instance, really giving you the tools so to speak to come up with something that's truly one-of-a-kind.

After your purchase is confirmed, you'll get a notification of your purchase in-game and if you head over to the received section of your inventory, you'll be able to see the items you just bought.

In the next video, Strawberry Linden will be explaining more about how you can edit the shape you've just bought and to make a new shape from scratch.