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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Get 2 Months of Adventure Academy for Just a Fiver!

The "$5 for 2 months" offer is back and you definitely wouldn't want to miss out! Get 2 Months of Adventure Academy for Just a Fiver! Unlock access to one of the most entertaining educational virtual worlds there is for your child with this incredible deal! Normally $9.99 a month, you can now save 74% and secure a 2-month subscription for Adventure Academy for just $5 so that your child can learn as they play and be inspired to learn anytime and anywhere. It’s then just $9.99 a month to continue!

Plus, as an added bonus, your child will be able to weather through this pandemic much better than their peers, giving them the advantage they'd need to catch up after months of missing school!

What is Adventure Academy?

Featuring a beautiful and expansive world to explore, as well as plenty of fun yet educational lessons to enjoy and games to play, Adventure Academy is an amazing virtual world/adventure game that makes learning math, science, and other subjects so much more entertaining. There are pockets of learning everywhere in the game where your kid can just hop in and enjoy. Besides being able to go on exciting adventures with their friends, your kids can also level up, earn in-game money, and buy a ton of items to customize their avatars and homes with.

It is designed for kids between the ages of 8-13 years old, providing kids who have "graduated" from ABCmouse to move on to the Adventure Academy and continue their fun learning experience. The game is also available on both mobile devices and the PC.