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IMVU è un gioco sociale online dove i membri utilizzano avatar in 3D per incontrare nuove persone, chattare, creare e giocare con gli amici.

Escape to IMVU - vivi la straordinaria vita virtuale in un mondo virtuale stupefacente. È anche possibile sposarsi e adottare bambini virtuali!

Fai Shopping e vestiti in stile – la moda è fiorente in IMVU. Qui sarai in grado di progettare i tuoi abiti e venderli pure agli altri giocatori.

Crea la tua fantasia, vivi la vita del tuo sogno - è il momento di unirsi ad IMVU! IMVU Recensione
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Post Meno Recenti mercoledì, febbraio 3, 2016

Get Matched for Valentine's in IMVU!

Get Matched for Valentine's in IMVU! Looking for a date in a virtual world can be pretty tough, but with “Get Matched”, you’ll find your perfect match in no time! Leggi di Più
giovedì, gennaio 21, 2016

IMVU Labs - FreeFall Demo

IMVU Labs - Freefall Experience the thrill of endless freefall while dodging obstacles and collecting stars along the way in IMVU! Leggi di Più
giovedì, settembre 17, 2015

Hit The Town with Friends in IMVU

Hit The Town with Friends in IMVU If you are looking for a night out then share one with your friends in the brilliant virtual world of IMVU where anything is possible. Leggi di Più
domenica, agosto 30, 2015

Back to Nature in IMVU

Back to Nature in IMVU With the turning of the seasons approaching it is time to reflect on the beauty of summer, and get back to nature just like this young lady. Leggi di Più
lunedì, agosto 10, 2015

Amazing Wedding Gown in IMVU

Amazing Wedding Gown in IMVU When you have that special day you want to look your best, and this stunning dress is one that will really stand out. Leggi di Più
giovedì, luglio 30, 2015

Live the Alternative life in IMVU

Live the Alternative life in IMVU In a virtual world you can do and be whatever you want, and that leaves you room to be a little more alternative in your approach to life. Leggi di Più
mercoledì, luglio 22, 2015

Camping Fun in IMVU

Camping Fun in IMVU Summer is here and camping out with friends is a great way to relax and unwind from the working week. Leggi di Più
giovedì, giugno 25, 2015

Party Time in IMVU

Party Time in IMVU Now the hot weather is here its time to hit those outside parties and all night hotspots just like this group of friends did. Leggi di Più
giovedì, giugno 18, 2015

Dress to Impress in IMVU

Dress to Impress in IMVU When you are about to hit the clubs and hotspots you want to look your best and wear something that makes you stand out. Leggi di Più
sabato, giugno 13, 2015

5 Amazing Fashion Games

Second Life Lady Popular IMVU GalaStories Stardoll Fashion is important, and enjoying yourself is also important and in these 5 games you can find both fun and the best clothes all in one place. Leggi di Più
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nov 11, 2016 Cons of IMVU 0 0 Sinafay is messing this site and she don't work for IMVU and is a cyber bully has the help center working for her forcing customer s away on there.

Will get a higher review once Sinafay and ga...
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ott 15, 2015 preciosa 0 0 Preciosa Recensione Completa apr 7, 2015 Express Yourself in the Enticing World of IMVU 2 1 Fascinate yourself and be captivated by the endless possibilities offered by a virtual hangout place called IMVU. The virtual world is closely an online 3D social game, focusing its key strengths in s... Recensione Completa Altre Recensioni