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The Second Life Marketplace

इस लेख का मूल्यांकन करे We have mentioned that you can create, and buy or sell almost anything and in this article we will discover how you are able to do that. आभासी दुनिया की जगह - The Second Life Marketplace

If you are looking for a new outfit, or luxury mansion the place to find it is the Second Life Marketplace, where everything you can imagine is for sale and you can give your avatar any look or item you want. All with a few clicks of the mouse.

But this market can do so much more, here you can sell your own items, set up your own shop and try to make a profit in game or for real money both of which can be done. It is not easy to do and requires you to make good items that people want, but if you do you can really start to see the Linden Dollars roll in.

When you first arrive at the store you will need to log into your game account, and from there you can shop till you drop. There are lots of general categories for you to search, so if you have something specific you can go looking for it. From there you can then filter by the cost of the item and find things to suit your budget.

One of the nicer features is that you can also search for items by community, so if you are looking for something a bit Goth or Steampunk you can go directly to the places that have them. Almost all of the listings have good images showing you what you will be getting and once you have made a purchase the items are delivered to you in game and you can just open them up and use them straight away.

On the other side of the store, if you are looking to sell items that you have made their is a comprehensive guide available, and setting up a shop is relatively easy. Once you have it in place is when the work begins, deciding how to price your items, or market them so that people will find you.

Real world skills come into play here, from designing and making the item to managing the advertising and sales. You can jump right into this with no experience, all you need is the free developer tool and the imagination to make your store come to life.

Within the bounds of the store you can also set the limits to your items, if they can be Copied, Modified or Transferred. These are all options for the items, and many of the sellers allow you to do all 3, but sometimes there are copyrights or technical reasons not to let them happen but you can clearly see what you can do with the item before you buy.

Another feature of the Second Life Marketplace is that you can buy an item and gift it to a friend, if you know their username, simply purchase it and press the correct button and it will be sent to them directly, with a notice who it is from and a personalized message if you want.

Adding all of these features up, with its easy to use design and the pictures of items provided by the sellers you have a brilliant online store in which to spend you time. Whether you are quickly shopping for a new hat or looking for that perfect piece of clothing you can spend as little or as long as you want in the brilliant Second Life Marketplace.

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