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Second Life Fan Site Launched

Second Life Fan Site Launched Calling all Second Life fans! We've now have a Second Life-dedicated website for you to hang out on! Read More
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The Many Cool Mounts in Wizard 101

Crystalline horse in Wizard 101 If you have a penchant for beautiful mounts, you'll definitely like to visit this website! Read More
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Brilliant Star Stable Wallpapers for You!

Brilliant Star Stable Wallpapers for You! Being a huge fan of Star Stable, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find beautiful Star Stable wallpapers for your computer. Well, not to worry! Online Game Gallery makes it all easier for you! Read More
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New Game Added: Trove

Impressive castle in the sky in Trove Trove: Fishing at the lake One of the many player creations in Trove Create your own voxel-based masterpieces in Trove

Harvest and collect resources from the virtual environment

Explore the various biomes and worlds on offer in the game
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Get Matched for Valentine's in IMVU!

Get Matched for Valentine's in IMVU! Looking for a date in a virtual world can be pretty tough, but with “Get Matched”, you’ll find your perfect match in no time! Read More
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Join The BFG in Roblox's Biggest Summer Camp Yet!

Join The BFG in Roblox's Biggest Summer Camp Yet! Don't miss out on Roblox's biggest summer camp yet and embark on an amazing summer adventure! Read More

Follow Your Favorite Simulation Games on Gamescoops

Follow Rising Cities on Gamescoops Keep tabs on updates, news and freebies of your favorite simulation games on Gamescoops! Read More
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Animal Jam Mini Site Launched

Animal Jam Fan Site Launched Jam with other players in Animal Jam's fun and social virtual environment! Read More
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Rail Nation: Steam over Europe Update

Rail Nation: Steam over Europe Update Rail Nation: Steam over Europe's new update brings a range of exciting features and improvements (Infograph inside!) Read More

ourWorld Is Now on GameScoops

ourWorld Is Now on GameScoops Find out and keep track of the latest news and updates for your favorite games! Read More
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New Game Added: Adventure Quest Worlds

Disco party with friends in Adventure Quest Worlds Adventure Quest Worlds: Pets A home-wedding celebration in Adventure Quest Worlds Choose your class and set forward in a land that is ravaged by dragons and other chaotic beings.

Explore the world to search for exciting loot and meet some interesting characters along the way.

Take part in the weekly events, meet new friends and venture out into the world of Lore together.
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Welcoming Orcs and Goblins to Elvenar

Welcoming Orcs and Goblins to Elvenar Sound the trumpets and roll out the red carpet - We have visitors! Read More
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Game Added: Teen Nick Avatar University

Teen Nick Avatar University Campus Map Teen Nick Avatar University Frat Room Teen Nick Avatar University Music Center Check out this realistic university life simulator.

Customize your students’ profiles, all the way to their names and appearances.

Assign tasks and assignments to each student like a school administration would.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Game Added: Farmer Sim 2015

Farmer Sim 2015: Planting seeds Selling your harvest in Farmer Sim 2015 Farmer Sim 2015: Plowing the fields Be the best farmer in this open world farming simulator

Get to use realistic vehicles and farming machines

Buy new lands and purchase animals
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Game Added: My Cafe Katzenberger

My Cafe Katzenberger: Customers enjoying their food Preparing some food in My Cafe Katzenberger My Cafe Katzenberger: Serving food to your customers Run your own Katzenberger cafe with the gorgeous Daniela Katzenberger

Cook delicious food, mix cocktails, and serve them to your customers.

Arrange and decorate the furniture within your cafe to further customize and make it look like your own.
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Monday, December 5, 2016

New Game Added: Osgrid

Chillaxing in Osgrid Osgrid: Exploring a region based on the TV show, Firefly Beautiful graphics in Osgrid Explore the many player-created regions in Osgrid

Meet new people in the game's many chat rooms and make new friends

Try your hand at creating a completely 3D world from scratch
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

New Game Added: Papa's Bakeria

Baking multiple pies in Papa's Bakeria Papa's Bakeria: Pie topping A satisfied customer in Papa's Bakeria Bake delicious pies according to the specifications that your customers want

Earn more tips from your customers to upgrade your bakery

Win tickets to play a variety of fun mini-games to win exclusive prizes
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

New Game Added: Elven Legend

Protect the gryphon in Elven Legend Elven Legend: World map Defeating the trolls in Elven Legend Help Princess Aerin in rescuing her royal family from the hands of the evil witch in this classic fantasy world

Build, repair and gather resources to perform unique tasks to complete different levels

Over 50 game levels and five unique themed locations for you to explore and save
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Friday, December 2, 2016

New Game Added: Zombie Farm 2

Harvesting crops in Zombie Farm 2 Zombie Farm 2: Sending out your zombies to attack Planting a new crop of zombies in Zombie Farm 2 Build and expand your farm of zombies: raise your undead, harvest them, and mutate them to form stronger breeds.

Invade your enemies’ farms by launching an invasion using a bloodthirsty zombie army.

Decorate your farms with the best bling, and see what your friends are up to and how their farms look like.
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Game Added: Spark City World

Character creation in Spark City World Spark City World: Many mini-games to play At the lobby of a hotel in Spark City World Live in an ultra-girly virtual world: dress up your avatar and make it look like yourself in real life!

Play as a smart girl, a sporty one, a music lover, a fashionista or a girly girl.

Design your own apartment, finish quests, and engage in the immersive world of Spark City.
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